BC Fishing Resorts & Lodges


You will likely catch as many or more fish with us than most fishing lodges or fishing resorts!

Ucluelet is one of the top  destinations on the BC and Alaska coast and you can read how Ucluelet salmon fishing  compares with all the BC and Alaska hotspots as well as the comparison of halibut fishing in BC and Alaska.

Once you have come to the conclusion this is the easiest/best location (who else offers a guarantee you will catch fish?) lets talk logistics.

BC fishing resorts and lodges offer some great conveniences.

But we think there are few things you should consider when making your final decision.

Here are some fishing resort cons you may not have thought about:
  1. There are not any fishing resorts or lodges close to the most abundant fishing grounds in Ucluelet.
  2. When you fly into a lodge you will miss all the scenic areas around Ucluelet
  3. Most experienced fishing guides end up working for either themselves or a fishing charter.  So you may not be getting the best on the ocean.
  4. Just getting there could cost an arm and a leg!

Here are some PROS to doing a fishing package with Salmon Eye:

Convenience, Amenities, and Savings

Fishing resorts and lodges often fly you in to fish. With us, you can drive to the destination and stay at a nice resort, condo or house close to the dock.  

Just as with resorts and lodges, we offer fishing packages that include resort accommodation, fishing, fish cleaning and vacuum packing. You get this, plus personal service and experienced fishing guides, all for less cost.

Don’t pay for bad weather

When you stay at a lodge your trip is all inclusive. This means if the weather is bad for a few days and you can’t fish you still pay the same price.

With us you don’t pay for NOT fishing! We very rarely have to call off fishing during summer months in Ucluelet and miss fishing about 2-4 days from May to mid-September.  During winter months weather is harder to predict and one of the reasons we fish Victoria.

At Alaska and BC fishing resorts you always have to pay and for good reason since they have a fixed overhead.

Comfort with larger boats on the Water

At many fishing resorts or lodges, you fish from 15-20 ft boats. With Salmon Eye Charters, you get experienced guides, with 25-31 ft boats. Our boats are all covered and offer toilets, so there are no painful moments waiting to get back to the dock.


Relaxing Schedule

At Salmon Eye Charters, you’ll have a relaxing schedule compared to a fishing resort. We usually leave the dock around 5:30 a.m. and get back around 1:30  p.m.

If you think that’s not enough fishing time, don’t worry! We usually have action-packed fishing and by the time you return your arms will be sore from all the reeling.

You can also have a paid option to keep fishing that must be organized before the trip, but this is rarely done or needed!


Plenty of Fish

Ucluelet has not seen the decline of fish stocks that has affected other areas around British Columbia and Alaska. We are still going strong.

Though we think we get some of the best fishing on the BC and Alaska coast we do have slow days here and there and also its the west coast so we normally recommend 3-4 day packages for limits of salmon and halibut for 2-6 people.

Choice of fishing spots

You can go offshore or fish the protected waters of Barkley Sound and enjoy some incredible scenery. After fishing,you can relax on the deck with an ocean view, dine at one of the nearby restaurants, or visit the many local beaches.

We have such a wide variety of areas here it is also harder to learn and another reason you need an experienced  fishing guide!

After one visit, we think you’ll agree that fishing with Salmon Eye Charters, out of Ucluelet BC, is one of the best salmon and halibut fishing experiences out there!


Check our fishing packages for an action packed fishing trip!